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A note about my business name

It was rather tricky, to pick a name. I didn’t want to just use my own name for various reasons. I wanted it to be something strong, bold and different.

My husband said it needs to be in the beginning of the alphabet, so if people are wanting to find you, you will show up first.  That made sense to me, but I guess it doesn’t work that way on the world wide web.

My main aim to study and establish this business though was to be able to help others achieve better outcomes with their or their family’s health. When my family needed advice, we received nothing that offered us a long-term solution and we didn’t like the idea of being on long-term medication. Only through persistence and not taking “Sorry that is all we can do” for an answer, were we able to achieve the great results we have. We started taking a holistic outlook on our issues including, biochemical intervention, changing of nutrition, specific exercises, music and so on. Each aspect adding more pieces to the puzzle. While it was hard work and involved spending a bit of money I wouldn’t consider anything else now and would like to encourage you to do the same.

My mission is to be able to offer people the knowledge of approaching their health from numerous angles, rather than just following mainstream advice. My dream is for people to be able to get back in tune with their bodies, take note of what is going on and make informed decisions.

I believe that knowledge is power and having more than one aspect on treating an ailment would offer superior results and hope of recovery.

I encourage you to be confident and unperturbed in your quest of finding the right answer. I have a saying: “ When you have considered all the avenues of achieving better health and nothing has worked, than and only than are you able to surrender. “

Be assertive……invest in your health….it will pay off.

So there you go, did I fail to mention that there is even a little bit of personality in the name of my business. 😉

I hope you are inspired to take yours and your family’s health into your own hands.

I am here, should you need help in where to start.

Yours in health and happiness,

Nicole Gray