Hi there,

Have you thought that my logo is a little bit “different” for a Naturopath or Nutritionist? No food or herb related pictures? No? Never mind, I’ll give you an insight anyway.

I thought about it a lot and my inspiration for this logo has come from various angles.

As you can see, it is a head with the brain designed like a tree and each branch is represented in a colour of the rainbow (sorry for stating the obvious). The trunk of the tree represents the gastrointestinal system and the roots of the tree represent the various aspects to achieve optimal physical and mental health, including nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress reduction, positive mindset, herbal medicine etc. So pretty much a hole person approach rather than one system fits all.

It represents my main interest in depression, anxiety, learning and behavioural difficulties and the gut-brain-axis and how the break down in communication between the gut and the brain (and these mental health concerns) are contributed to by nutritional imbalances/deficiencies and inflammation amongst other things.

I have always been drawn to the colours of the rainbow. I love its vibrancy in contrast to a sometimes grey sky. Most rooms in my previous home were painted a different colour depending on what the room is used for and the psychology of a colour. Blue for example is the colour of rest and orange is the colour of joy. Where I grew up we had a colour sauna that changed colours in a certain interval to stimulate the various aspects of emotion, energies of body systems and well being. I found that fascinating and it has stuck with me ever since.

I am assuming you have heard of the catch-cry “eat the colours of the rainbow “? This is encouraging you to eat as many different coloured fruits and vegetables as possible to offer you a vast array of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for optimal wellness.

Another inspiration is the book “The gift in you” by Dr. Caroline Leaf. In her book she described 7 pillars of the brain. I won’t go into details about it but it describes how we are all wired differently and that we use different parts of the brain depending on what we like best. For example, one likes to be analytical, one loves communicating and for one person everything is easier with music. Another important aspect described in this book is the powers of negative and positive thinking and how that will affect your health and mind.

So, you can see my logo is as complex as one’s health or dis-ease and needs to be addressed with an open mind.

Have a wonderful day. 🙂

Yours in health and happiness,


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