The government has come up with the idea of offering a system for consolidating all your health records in one place.  Great idea… or is it?

I am not sure at this point. I have come across this article1 and it made me wonder if I would rather wait to sign up until the system is running smoothly and all possible flaws are considered. At the same time, I am not sure if I really want every healthcare provider to have access to my health record.

Than the question is, are only health care providers having access in the future? What if the government decides that they will privatise this department and hence sell it off. Consider also, that the government has the possibility to change the legislation about how the information is accessed and kept. Will that make our records vulnerable? It is well known that very well protected agencies and even Facebook has had security breaches, what will make this system any better?

Maybe this system is not such a bad idea. I am undecided. However, my main concern is, that not many people may be aware of this record. From this Year 2018 everyone will have a health record unless you opt out2 by the 15th of November 2018.

Here are a few locations to get some more information, My Health Record3, the ABC article4 and this article5 to make your own decision.




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