10 Tips for Better Mental and Physical Health with Nicole Gray

How are you feeling? Anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? 

Want to be energetic and be more at ease but don’t know where to start? 

Then these tips will get you started.   

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Are you flat out caring for everyone around you while on the inside, underneath your brave face you are really struggling?

You’re tired of being tired and know you should feel better than you do.

You feel overwhelmed, stressed and emotional when what you really want is an energetic, vibrant and fulfilling life.

You’re ready to commit to taking the first step, but you know you need someone in “your corner” to guide you along. To be the support for you that you are already offering to everyone else.

Or perhaps you’re looking for direction for your child’s health or behaviour?

You are doing everything you can for them, but things aren’t quite “right”:

They struggle to sit still and concentrate at school and you’re constantly getting phone calls because they are disrupting the class. They have angry and emotional outbursts and are struggling with learning. You know it’s not their fault, but you need the support and guidance of someone who understands. Someone who has walked that path themselves.

Did you realise that food intolerances, and /or nutritional imbalances or deficiencies could be part of the problem? I am here to find the cause and the solution for your child’s concern.

I have been there and I understand! 
I would love to help and guide you on your journey to better.

Assertive Health

Here to support you and your family’s health

A Holistic Approach

I combine the latest in evidence-based medical research with traditional knowledge to optimise your health outcomes, assessing you as a whole person, including the impact of your environment. You commitment to your journey to better health forms part of a holistic approach.

Individualised Care

We are all unique, and as such we all need a unique approach to our own health care. When you come to Assertive Health, you will receive a comprehensive health appraisal so that we can discover your unique requirements. You will receive individualised treatment options and solutions.

A Sustainable Approach

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed when faced with change. I believe in taking small, achievable steps towards your goal that you can easily implement, leading to sustainable lifestyle changes that you’ll be able to stick to for the long-term.

Education First

My role is to guide and mentor you along your journey towards long-term health. I take pride in educating my clients so that they can make healthier decisions for themselves and their families. My goal is to empower you to live a healthy and vital life with high quality nutritional information that you can trust.


Specific Supplementation

To rebuild your health and wellbeing, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine are an important consideration in you journey to better health. I only recommend supplementation and or herbal medicine when it is specifically needed, and only use high quality, well-researched products produced under the strictest of conditions.

Ongoing Support

At Assertive Health, you are never alone. Ongoing advice and support is always an integral component of your journey to return to health and wellbeing.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

– Jim Rohn

The first wealth is health.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

– Hippocrates

Eat the Rainbow.

– Michael Greger

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